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Two Bundles of Tantrums CDs - limited edition autographed

Double CDs; two albums - 'Bundle Of Tantrums' and 'Another Bundle of Tantrums'.
Limited edition with an autographed photo.
Purchase of the CDs includes immediate download of two albums in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, ALAC and AAC)

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Track listing:
1. Drop Your Guard
2. Royals
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Rather Be
5. Demons
6. A Thousand Years
7. Sweet Child O' Mine
8. Breathe Me
9. Mad World
10. Say Something
11. All of Me
12. I See Fire
13. Everybody Hurts
14. Let Her Go
15. La La La
16. Home
17. Stay
18. Pompeii
19. When I Was Your Man
20. Almost Lover
21. This Is What It Feels Like
22. Hey There Delilah
23. Fidelity
24. Titanium

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